All About Servers: Dedicated and VPS

Right now, there are approximately millions of websites online. Ever wondered how all these webmasters manage their hosting? At the start, price becomes an issue especially if you’re new at website building.

Are you looking for VPS Hosting? You see there are several kinds of popular web server hosting options. Here they are…

Virtual private server

A virtual private server or VPS is better than a shared server and less than a dedicated one. Those with virtual private servers have more space and more freedom to manipulate their server. What happens is that the server is divided into partitions with each one able to handle the bandwidth of one site. A VPS allows for growth and more bandwidth.

Besides space, the server is easier to manage. But if your bandwidth exceeds the limit, your host might ask you to move to a dedicated server.


Those who want to really invest on their websites can go for this plan. You might have to hire a full time programmer to manage your server. As far as bandwidth limits are concerned, dedicated server is the best option. If your plans are big, you can host your site in a dedicated server. if your site becomes famous, you are going to need all the bandwidth resources you have.

Your server is yours alone and you’re leasing it on your own. If you feel like your server becomes cramped every once in a while and your site bogs down, you can upgrade to dedicated hosting. When you switch to dedicated, you will notice at once that your site loads faster even if you have a lot of images. Flexibility is the name of the game and you do not have to be concerned about spikes of traffic. With traffic spikes, you should be grateful that you’re on a dedicated server. If you plan on setting up your own store online, you should probably get a dedicated server. If you close off your server to other users, there’s less probability of your site being hacked.

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